Learning Watson Conversations


Chatbot using Watson Dialogue



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watson conversation service




node.js template


watson devops service


Eclipse IDE

Eclipse Bluemix plugin




Twitter sentiment, Bluemix, node red email  https://www.ibm.com/blogs/bluemix/2015/11/analyze-tweets-in-30-minutes/

Load Twitter data into dashDB

Extend with cloudant for a datawarehouse.


Webpage on Bluemix


Githun – useful


Pipeline and how to deploy an HTML code

html design – treehouse




NODE.JS Starter application / buildpack overview


NODE.JS Beginners buildpack w/ auto deploy on Bluemix



Tasks for the new year

One of the tasks that we need to do at the start of the new year is setup our schedules.


For my work meetings I have scheduled fortnightly meetings with my regional leaders, monthly / quarterly meetings with the regional executives and a fortnightly meeting with my Asia Pacific executive.


I have also made sure that I have included saving time for dinner and bedtime with the family; I hold 17:00 – 19:00 every week day.  Its fair to say that everyweek I will eat into some of that time on at least one day but if I don’t aim to keep this clear it will just get eaten up and that wont work for the family.

For family events we use google calendar.  I add my gmail email address to meetings that are relevent to the family such as traveling, working in the office versus working at home.  On my partners side, she updates the calendar with all the family activities so I can access this detail from my phone / tablet.

For home maintenance I found this great link which provides some great ideas of tasks to add to your personal calendars.

Simple but effective.


Virtual Reality

Yesterday I spent some time having a refresh around Virtual Reality.

I found this really interesting lecture by the Occulus Rift founders which helped with my understanding of the technology area, the issues and the potential.

A kids game on Occulus Rift head gear.

In some ways the potential of virtual reality or VR and the usage looks to be great fun.  However there is a more seedier side and the article from Mashable about VR and Porn is fascinating and scary.

In the news  there have been a few cases of gamers playing video games until they die.  A particular chilling example was in Taiwan, where a 32 year old man was found dead after a three day gaming binge.  What struck me as equally shocking,  was once authorities had removed the body players continued to play.

Once authorities removed the body, players in the café continued their games as if nothing had happened.

The fictional comedy series Red Dwarf has a hilarious episode where the crew of the spaceship “Red Dwarf”  wake up from a VR game and they realise that the life they have been leading was not real at all.

You can predict that in time, VR will make steps towards this possible outcome.

So what we have is a technology that is moving to greater levels of immersion.  This opens up opportunities for individuals to have fun but to also abuse themselves.  Video game addiction exists today, I believe these deeper levels of immersion will feed the addiction for those with this problem.

So what to do?

Like all new technology there are up sides, and down sides.  As the VR community removes more and more barriers to immersion, in parallel they need to build a mechanism to distinguish between the real and VR.

Perhaps there is a verbal word or a repeated head movement by the VR game player that will always pause the game.  Or if we think of the movie Inception and the spinning top, if it spins forever then you know that you are not in “real” life.

At some point all games may need a single law of physics in the real world to be different in the VR world.

One final thought.

Scuba diving is a completely immersive activity, and not without risks.  VR will become as immersive as this experience, the difference with scuba diving is the risks are not so clearly known.  With scuba, a simple “OK” between diving buddies by putting the index finger on the thumb and making the hand gesture to each other confirms that everyone is safe and ok.  Perhaps VR will need to build into the game play a way of checking how the player is doing – start by integrating Fitbit to check the health of the player may be a useful start.

Surrender, Buddhism and Biker gangs

While chatting to a good friend about religion, it struck me all groups that are geared to change an individual in some way i.e. to conform to a new and different way of living have one thing in common, surrender.

This applies to religious groups such a Christianity, Buddhism and also other groups such as Criminal gangs.

From a Buddhist perspective, the defining moment that makes someone Buddhist is the moment they surrender to the Buddha.

I imagine that this is in some way similar to many of those Criminal biker gangs we see in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.  The members of the gang surrender to the rules of the gang.

From a layperson’s perspective, I believe the same could be said for any Cult.  The model is where the believer or follower accepts and surrenders often to the will and direction of a single person.

When I think of corporate life, executives talk about “leaning in”.  This means that there are often problems and issues at work that make us want to turn and walk away or to leave the issue, but if we stay and lean into the problem we become more effective and efficient i.e. better employees.

What this says to me is that when we choose a group that will give us something that we value, we surrender in some way.  The level or intensity of the mental surrender can often dictate the level of success with this chosen group or belief structure.


What have you surrendered to recently?

IBM Company Acquisitions

This short blog post contains some interesting information about IBM acquisitions.

It shows a slideshare presentation that shows the web site screen shots of the companies that have been acquired.

As you can see IBM has been very busy in shifting and transforming the business’ core capabilities.

If you look into the capabilities of these companies you see trends in the current and future focus of IBM namely the following: