In search of the soul

When walking down the street and being aware of this experience through the eyes, nose, skin, ears, mouth and the body, what does this tell us.

This experience says that everything we perceive is through the senses.

Now then, as I walk by someone on the street I use my senses to comprehend them.  The senses “sense” according to their job i.e. my eyes see the person but the interesting point is as those senses i.e. sight enters my mind, my mind adds “depth”.

This mind “depth” colours the experience of comprehending the person and it can alter my view of that person considerably.

As I spoke to a homeless person the other day, I was close enough to smell the alcohol on their breath and at one time I would had judged that person harshly.

Interestingly, the same day I was talking to one of my work colleagues and his breath also smelt of alcohol.

If I am to judge, should I judge these two people the same because their breath both smelt of alcohol.

As I walk down the street I use my mind to add depth to the perception and the comprehension of the people around me.

Within each of those people is a mind like mine perceiving and comprehending based upon their own experiences and “depth”.

One of the most damaging aspects of the depth that our mind adds is judgement.  Judgement accepts some aspects of a person and denies another aspect of a person based upon our personal view.

Interestingly, our view may or may not be correct but our mind does not really care, it judges and we act according to that judgement.

When we next pass someone on the street see if you can see what depth your mind adds to the perception of someone.

If you get this far, can you tell why you colour your perception this way.

Insight is available to us at any time, if we seek it.




Latest uploads to Slideshare – 01 March 2015

Latest uploads to slideshare.

These presentations are designed to provide some value to my client set as part of my role as a software renewal leader.

WebSphere Application Server and Liberty

WebSphere MQ – Application Messaging

Homeless in Auckland

As I walk from my companies offices to the local metro supermarket in central Auckland, New Zealand I often see some homeless people begging on the streets.

I have walked past them some many times either ignoring them or judging them

Finally, I decided that I needed to do something as we are all people.  So when I go into the super market to buy my lunch I buy something for the homeless folks to.

I buy them lunch, touch them on the shoulder and say look after yourself.

People are people and I guess if our roles were reversed I would want someone to help me.

I found this video on the web about random acts of kindness / giving.  Good stuff.

For those with an interest in mindfulness giving is a great practice.

Also, have a look at homelessness in Auckland




Practical applications of SyNAPSE Chips

I stumbled upon this video about some of the applications of the SyNAPSE chips in a cognitive computing setting.

The inference from these ideas is incredibly interesting and “mind” consuming.

It looks as though there will be a great many changes in the first world from these devices.

As we look to the future with excitement I ask the question what about the third world? Will these devices be used for control, war and aggression.

Can the focus on cognitive be on solving the major, yet simple problems of the world like fresh water, immunization, food, shelter and poverty.

We should support these fine developments, when the first few waves of money has been made, maybe we can start to focus on those most removed from the technology.

2015 Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) WORKSHOPS

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a mindfulness based behavioural therapy that has a major emphasis on values, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, living in the present moment, and accessing a transcendent sense of self. These skills are taught and practised in therapy to help clients create and live a rich and meaningful life guided by their values, while accepting the pain that inevitably goes with it.
This workshop is designed to introduce Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and teach practical techniques, tools and strategies for beginning to work with ACT.

Workshops run in March and May 2015 in New Zealand, details below.