Learning Watson Conversations


Chatbot using Watson Dialogue



OLD below


watson conversation service




node.js template


watson devops service


Eclipse IDE

Eclipse Bluemix plugin




Twitter sentiment, Bluemix, node red email  https://www.ibm.com/blogs/bluemix/2015/11/analyze-tweets-in-30-minutes/

Load Twitter data into dashDB

Extend with cloudant for a datawarehouse.


Webpage on Bluemix


Githun – useful


Pipeline and how to deploy an HTML code

html design – treehouse




NODE.JS Starter application / buildpack overview


NODE.JS Beginners buildpack w/ auto deploy on Bluemix



Day 90 – 90 Days of Buddha

Using the method used by personal fitness instructors I will start with the end in mind, so counting backwards. The goal is to achieve 90 days of Buddha.

This means 90 days of doing something related to Buddha, meditation or giving etc.

Yesterday (31 Oct 2016) was day one and after a year or so of wanting to make a small altar for Buddha I just did it!

I have a small Buddha, White Manjushri and Medicine Buddha, Khata, Mala, prayer flags, incense and some note books.


Medicine Buddha Mandala

On twitter today I saw this remarkable video of the Medicine Buddha Mandala being created by monks from Tashi Lhunpo.

Lama Yeshe provides the following explanation.

The mandala offering is an extremely powerful method for accumulating extensive merit and receiving realizations such as bodhicitta and emptiness quickly. Just as great strength is needed to carry a heavy load, a great amount of merit is needed to lead all sentient beings to enlightenment.

Also, I wanted to share this powerful article on death, Medicine Buddhae and grief.

Surrender, Buddhism and Biker gangs

While chatting to a good friend about religion, it struck me all groups that are geared to change an individual in some way i.e. to conform to a new and different way of living have one thing in common, surrender.

This applies to religious groups such a Christianity, Buddhism and also other groups such as Criminal gangs.

From a Buddhist perspective, the defining moment that makes someone Buddhist is the moment they surrender to the Buddha.

I imagine that this is in some way similar to many of those Criminal biker gangs we see in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.  The members of the gang surrender to the rules of the gang.

From a layperson’s perspective, I believe the same could be said for any Cult.  The model is where the believer or follower accepts and surrenders often to the will and direction of a single person.

When I think of corporate life, executives talk about “leaning in”.  This means that there are often problems and issues at work that make us want to turn and walk away or to leave the issue, but if we stay and lean into the problem we become more effective and efficient i.e. better employees.

What this says to me is that when we choose a group that will give us something that we value, we surrender in some way.  The level or intensity of the mental surrender can often dictate the level of success with this chosen group or belief structure.


What have you surrendered to recently?