Selling Training

One of my personal challenges in sales is to gain a better understanding of the  CxO, and the problems that they face.   Related to this is how to best communicate to the CxO in a way that demonstrates value to them and their organisation.

While doing some sales homework for a recent interview I  found a couple of acronyms that I thought were useful.

FaCE – Social selling

FIND, using social networks find someone that has a problem which you can resolve for them

CONNECT, Share information that is not branded by your company but relevant to the contact. Be an expert advisor for this person

ENGAGE, be a human being.  Use tools like Buzzsumo to kind relevant content to share.

The Three R’s

RESEARCH – research the client, their needs and wants

RELEVANT – build relevant questions based upon your research

RESONANCE – build mutual understating around your shared interest and value