Wisdom 2.0 – A Conference of Business, Technology and Mindfulness.

A conference on looking at technology, business and mindfulness.  More importantly how to live in today’s world and integrate mindfulness.

In my mind this represents a step towards making mindfulness more accepted and more integrated in everyone’s day to day life.  This is of course a tricky thing to do as its easy to be overwhelmed by mass interest and be influenced in a way that is not positive.

To be mindful in as many moments as you can day to day, and to be accepting of yourself and others is a positive things.    This has been taught for a long time in many cultures, but how we integrate it into our life is the adventure and the challenge.


Philosopher in Meditation by Rembrandt

Philosopher in Meditation by Rembrandt
Philosopher in Meditation by Rembrandt

When we look at this image what do we see?

I see man who looks old and wise sitting in a relaxed position.  While he is seated next to a window that is letting in glorious light he is not distracted by this.  He is looking perpendicular to the window as if the light it is not holding his focus but he would no doubt be fully aware of it.

In the centre of the picture is a stairway.  This makes me think that in order to move to the next level or stage we need to get up and climb the stairs – the only thing stopping us is ourselves.

In the bottom right hand corner of the picture is a hunched figure stocking a fire.  The dim light of the fire allows us to just make out the figures face.

If we compare the two light sources, one from a window and one from the fire, the light from the window is so much brighter, softer and more desirable.

It makes me think that the hunched figure creates light and satisfaction through means that are limited.

Also the stairs seem less accessible to the hunched figure, the bottom step is turned away from him.

In summary the picture shows me a journey, we start as the hunched figure doing the best we can.  Over time we progress to become the Philosopher in meditation but not yet free and the next stage is to climb up to the next level whatever that may be – perhaps enlightenment and freedom.




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02 Mindful Experience – Driving, I felt alive

Driving with the windows down
Driving with the windows down

What were you doing?

Mindfully driving.

I was driving my car down Highway 1 in Auckland with the windows down.  The wind was twisting around the car – if I had hair it would have been thrown about like a rocker at a heavy metal concert.

How did you feel?

I felt alive and engaged in the whole experience.  Driving a car, feeling and hearing the wind, looking out of the window and glimpsing Rangitoto.

I felt alive.

How did it effect you physically?

Smiling, face muscles relaxed, breathing more deeply,



01 Mindful Experience – bird on the side of the road

grass verge with flowers on and houses in the background
Grass verge

The rush hour traffic was heavy and slow.  Grinding my way out of the city I chose a slightly different route home.

As part of the mindfulness course (MBSR) I am attending there is an exercise to try and identify moments in the day that make you smile or feel happy.

As I drove home on the grass verge was a small cheeky bird hoping along and for some reason it put a smile on my face.  Just thinking about that bird as I type this still brings a smile to my face.

Just having a moment of amusing mindful experience eases the stress of the day, its refreshing.

Stepping into the dark…


Open Polytechnic course notes for Psychology of Stress
Open Polytechnic course notes for Psychology of Stress

I have taken delivery of my course notes for the Psychology of Stress course which forms part of a Diploma in Organisational Psychology.

I am passionate about meditation and mindfulness this commitment to upskill in this area is a real achievement for me.

Its like stepping into the dark

Wish me luck as its a six month course and I haven’t completed any formal academic study for some time!