Day 90 – 90 Days of Buddha

Using the method used by personal fitness instructors I will start with the end in mind, so counting backwards. The goal is to achieve 90 days of Buddha.

This means 90 days of doing something related to Buddha, meditation or giving etc.

Yesterday (31 Oct 2016) was day one and after a year or so of wanting to make a small altar for Buddha I just did it!

I have a small Buddha, White Manjushri and Medicine Buddha, Khata, Mala, prayer flags, incense and some note books.


Medicine Buddha Mandala

On twitter today I saw this remarkable video of the Medicine Buddha Mandala being created by monks from Tashi Lhunpo.

Lama Yeshe provides the following explanation.

The mandala offering is an extremely powerful method for accumulating extensive merit and receiving realizations such as bodhicitta and emptiness quickly. Just as great strength is needed to carry a heavy load, a great amount of merit is needed to lead all sentient beings to enlightenment.

Also, I wanted to share this powerful article on death, Medicine Buddhae and grief.